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Holy Basil Thai

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Duncan’s New Book Now Available

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Review the book at Price $24.95 + p&p This book is a collection of recipes gathered whilst on location during the making of the television series “Duncan’s Thai Kitchen.” The recipes are simple, easy to reproduce, traditional and honest. I feel very blessed to be able to share with you the wonderful recipes that I picked up from the various local people that I met on my journey around Thailand. I hope you enjoy cooking these dishes as much as I enjoyed writing them. Never stop learning. Duncan x

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Duncan’s New DVD Now Available

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Viewing Schedule

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Duncan’s Thai Kitchen Series 2 airs on GEM every Saturday 12:30pm – 1:00pm.

Thankyou to the viewers

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Thanks to everyone who watched the first episode of Duncan’s Thai Kitchen on GEM and sent some wonderful feedback. I hope episode 2 shares with you some more great recipe ideas. I will also be posting some recipes on line soon that were not available in the cookbook. Please feel free to follow on twitter @Duncansthai or facebook @duncansthaikitchen Stay well Duncan  

First Episode

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Well the 1st episode aired on GEM yesterday and Im very thankful for the kind comments received about the show. I will be posting some extra recipes soon that are not in the cook book. Please feel free to chat and follow me on Twitter @Duncansthai and Facebook @duncansthaikitchen I hope you enjoy episode 2 next monday and you can view a repeat of episode 1 This saturday after the Morning Movie!! Kop Khun Krup Duncan

Duncan’s Thai Kitchen 2015 on GEM

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Duncan’s Thai Kitchen series 2 “a Taste of the south” is now showing on GEM network 9 Saturdays early afternoon

Recipes – Laab Het

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Laab Het (spicy mushroom salad) SF NF EF SERVES 2 For vegetarians and non-vegetarians, laab het is one of the most wonderfully textured Thai dishes. Silky mushrooms tossed in this aromatic sauce will enliven your taste buds! Laab is one of the most delicious salads in Thailand. Duck, chicken, pork and beef are all popular versions, however the mushroom version should not be underestimated. Make your selection of mushrooms as varied as possible. Heat the water in a wok until boiling, add all of the mushrooms and cook quickly stirring constantly until half cooked. Remove mushrooms from the water into a bowl and discard the water. In a separate bowl, mix the palm sugar with the soy sauce and lime juice. Pour the dressing over the mushrooms, and add the shallot, mint, coriander, saw tooth coriander and spring onions then stir well, making sure the dressing really soaks into the mushroom. Add the chilli powder and rice powder and mix well before serving on to a plate. On the side of the salad, place some chunks of white cabbage, snake beans and cucumber. Garnish with some extra mint and coriander HINT: The best way to eat this dish is to …

Recipes – Tom Kha Gai

By March 4, 2014 Recipe

tom kha gai (coconut chicken soup) NF GF EF SERVES 4 Tom kha is the creamier and softer relative to tom yum. This soup is a wonderful dish to cook for those who are new to trying Thai food. The delicate balance of lime and fish sauce in the coconut cream is delicious. At our restaurant, Vanilla Orchid, tom kha is the most popular soup on the menu. Maybe it’s the creamy contrast to tom yum or the view across the beautiful Yarra River that makes it so special. Start by heating the coconut milk in a pan, add the chicken thigh pieces first and bring to a simmer. Cook for 5 minutes. (When cooking a combination of chicken thigh and chicken breast, you should always cook the thigh for a longer period.) Add the galangal, lemongrass, lime leaf and shallot and cook for a further 5 minutes. Allow the flavours of the vegetables to infuse into the coconut milk. Now add the chicken breast meat, tomato, oyster mushroom, chilli and cook for 2–3 minutes, stirring gently. Once the chicken is cooked add the coriander sprigs, spring onion, white sugar, lime juice and fish sauce. Taste the Soup and make …